Cats of the Strappe household

CharlotteCharlotte, born March 2005.

EmilyEmily, Charlotte's litter mate.

More pictures of the girls as kittens.

FenricFenric - born March 1996, brother to Rorschach. He loves you dearly when you have food. His figure is beginning to show that fact...

RorschachRorschach- born March 1996, brother to Fenric. He's not as smart as his brother, but he's the sweetest kitty you could ask for.

EgonEgon - born Feb. 1999. Named, we think, after the Ghostbusters character. He once had a tail, but no longer - the result of an accident as a kitten.

His most endearing / irritating characteristic: he licks you. On the hand, on the nose, on whatever he can reach.

Oh, yeah. He catches rats. Big rats, which he leaves for us in the family room. Proof that he's on the job, I guess.

When he was little we called him "squirt", but now we call him "the sausage". Guess why.

Gone, but not forgotten:

Stirling MouseStirling Mouse - born in spring of 1988. Named after the famous race driver of the '50s, Stirling Moss (Strappe's boyhood hero).

Blackjack - born in 1988. Named after another famous race driver of the '50s and '60s, Black Jack Brabham (now Sir Jack Brabham).

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