"Jacques Strappe"? Is this a joke??? Well, yes. James Stewart appears on my birth certficate. Many years ago, shortly after the invention of the telephone, I worked in the Program Room and the TV Operating Center of Pacific Telephone. It was the San Francisco control center for the radio and TV networks. We used "order wires", pick-it-up-and-shout telephones to other control centers nationwide, on which we identified ourselves by our initials, using phonetics.

Now, what phonetics would YOU use: "Juliet Sierra" or "Jock Strap"?

I thought so.

Attempting to show some class, I spell it in the French fashion.

BTW, "Jacques Strappe et Fils " translates to "Jacques Strappe and Son", referring to my son the wizard, Alex. - check out his homepage.

Also check out my daughter Alison's page, lots of interesting stuff there. Ever hear of knot theory?

Alas, Leslie, my better half, has no home page. Yet.

The cats don't either. If they want one, they'll have to pay for the phone line and Internet account themselves. Enough is enough! I'll help them with the typing, though.

Stewart Associates is the handle for the bike and car restoration business I run when I can find the time. Take a look at Strappe's Garage.

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