Ride report - August 2004

Northern CA and Oregon coast, central Oregon


overviewConcord (SF Bay Area) to the Northern California Coast, up the coast to Oregon, across to Portland, then southeast to Bend, then back home. Total 1927 miles in 7 days.

The plan: look for new roads and sights, take my time, ride until I get tired of it.

Day 1: Concord to Fort Bragg

Day 2: Fort Bragg to Charleston

Day 3: Charleston to Portland

Day 4: Portland

Day 5: Portland to Bend

Day 6: Bend and Prineville

Day 7: Bend to Concord

The bike: '01 Suzuki SV650S with a Yoshimura pipe, Race Tech catrtridge emulators and stiffer springs in the forks, GSXR750 shock with stiffer spring in the rear. Bridgestone BT-010 on the front, BT-020 on the rear.

I've just installed a radar detector under the fairing - this is its test ride.